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Phlyt Academy

Phlyt Academy is a light-weight, customizable application for course content created by your teams for your teams. Elevate your teams’ learning experience by providing them with the learning content they need with their very own self-service training platform.

How it Works

Phlyt Academy is made up of two components:

  • Academy Learning Application that provides the user interface to train and test users
  • Academy Administrative Application that provides insights around the cost and effects of training in your environment

Overview: Academy At a Glance

Course content is created and managed in Github (markdown format). Learners are provided with an easy to use interface for training/testing through the training application.


Learning Experience

Within the Academy Training Application, learners can easy track their own progress and discover new training courses made available to them.


Courses are made up of labs for students to work through. Academy will even provision and manage the sandbox environments to perform the training exercises in.


Labs can contain code snippets, demonstration videos, images and descriptive text.


Adminstrative Experience

On the Adminstrative side, courses can easily be tracked by department or organization.


Management can control employee access and view 'Report Cards' for learners in the system.


Academy Learning and Admin applications are designed to run in your private or public cloud subscriptions. The tools are light weight, easy to customize and easy to operate.


Course Development

Anyone can be a course contributor. Each course is connected to its own git repository, so Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and even learners across the organization can open pull requests against the master branch of the course content on GitHub. Once the pull request has been approved by a course administrator, the changes are immediately made live in Academy. This allows for a collaborative effort within teams and a more efficient way to share tribal knowledge across the organization.

Unlimited Instances

Create unlimited instances of Phlyt Academy. Instead of directing your employees to an external training website or a training platform that contains content for the entire organization, you can create customized and specific Academy applications for each of your departments or teams. This will allow your learners to only see the content that they need, allowing them to be more efficient in their learning. Ultimately, you will be spending less time (and money) training!

Academy is supported within private and public Cloud environments

The Academy Learning and Administrative applications are designed to run within your organization’s own private or public cloud subscriptions, or if you don’t have a Cloud environment set up, we can host it for you.

Phlyt Consulting

Upon configuration of the application within your environment, Phlyt's experienced consultants are available to help train your teams onboard onto Academy and create their own course content. We can also come in and create initial content for your teams to guide them and help solidify the roles that everyone involved in the project will play.

interested in a demo?

Contact us if you would like further information or have interest in scheduling a demonstration.

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